Landscape Maintenance

Experts in yard care and maintenance

We all remember the days when the neighborhood kids mowed the lawns and skipped the weeds in the flower beds every Saturday. For a while, that's all the lawn care anyone worried about!

But did that kid know to correct the ph level of your soil to get your azaleas to bloom their brightest? Which varieties of plants do best in the climate of North Texas? When to trim and when to fertilize the trees? You can count on the professionals at Austin Gardens for all your landscaping needs. We are experts in yard care and maintenance, with over 38 years experience in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Unfortunately, with home-ownership maintenance is not an option, it is a must. Protect the value of your home, and your investment, with professional, year-round maintenance by Austin Gardens. And don't worry: we'll still leave the paper routes for the local kids.

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Experts in yard care and maintenance